SwitchWP Joins the CauseLabs Family: A New Chapter Begins!

Hello to all of our valued SwitchWP users! Today, we’re thrilled to share some groundbreaking news. SwitchWP has joined the CauseLabs family. This exciting development marks the beginning of a new chapter in our journey to enhance the WordPress experience for website admins.

Why CauseLabs?

CauseLabs has been developing custom software for since 2003 and is renowned for its continuing commitment to creating impactful digital solutions. Their ethos of innovation and efficiency is a perfect match for SwitchWP. This means that SwitchWP will now benefit from CauseLabs’ extensive expertise and resources, allowing us to serve you even better.

What Does This Mean Current Customers?

We understand that change can bring questions, and we want to reassure you that the core product line of SwitchWP isn’t going anywhere. What’s more, you can now look forward to new features, stronger support, and a broader range of digital solutions, thanks to CauseLabs’ involvement.

New Features and Innovations

WP Client Reports will continue to be our primary focus, and with CauseLabs’ input, we’re planning to introduce new features and improvements. These enhancements are designed to make managing your WordPress sites even more intuitive and effective.

Your Experience is Our Priority

We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your experience. Our support team is here to address any queries or concerns you may have during this transition period.

Looking to the Future

With CauseLabs guiding the way, there are new ideas on the board. We’re eager to explore new avenues and bring you advanced digital solutions that make WordPress management a breeze.

As we move into 2024, you can expect to see a dedicated WP Client Reports website with a modern account and license management system. We’ll also be reviewing past feature requests for golden nuggets to populate our development roadmap for the Pro plugin.

Joining forces with CauseLabs is a significant milestone for SwitchWP. We’re enthusiastic about the opportunities this presents and are committed to providing you with the best WordPress management tools. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to growing together.

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