Security Update: WP Client Reports Free Version

Today, we have released an important security update for the free version of WP Client Reports, version 1.0.23. This update addresses a vulnerability that, although it requires administrator access to exploit, is important to patch to ensure the security of your WordPress site.

A top WordPress security expert brought this issue to our attention, and we have taken action to develop a patch which is available now through your WordPress admin dashboard and the plugin repository.

While we have seen no evidence that this vulnerability is being actively exploited, delaying updates does increase the risk for potential exploitation. We strongly advise you to update WP Client Reports (free version) on your sites immediately.

How to Update WP Client Reports

Quick Update from WordPress Dashboard:

  • Navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Locate WP Client Reports, and if the update notification for 1.0.23 is visible, click to update.

If you don’t see the update notification:

  • Go to Dashboard > Updates and click the “Check Again” link. Once the update appears, proceed to update WP Client Reports.

Manual Update:

If you prefer to perform the update manually, you can visit the WP Client Reports plugin page on and download the latest version.

  • In your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to Plugins.
  • Click the Add New button
  • Click the Upload Plugin button.
  • Select the plugin file you downloaded from and install it — override the existing version of WP Client Reports if asked.

Proactive Security in Action

In the world of WordPress plugins, proactive security measures are crucial. We’re committed to ensuring that your experience with WP Client Reports is not only efficient but also secure. By staying ahead of potential threats and keeping our customers well-informed, we aim to provide a secure product for all our users.