WP Client Reports

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WordPress Update Tracking

One of the basic features built into WP Client Reports is the ability to track WordPress software updates. This includes:

  • WordPress “Core” Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates

There are multiple times at which updates are checked and tracked in the database:

  • At midnight in your website’s timezone each day
  • Every time an update is manually run
  • When you hit “Refresh” at the top of the Reports screen.

Some users are disappointed to find that when the first install the plugin, that they don’t have any past results. This is because WordPress by default does not track these updates and when they happened. This means that you will only have a record of updates starting at the time the plugin was installed.

The system only tracks one update per plugin/theme/wp per day. This means that if you update the same plugin twice in a day, it will only be viewed as a single update, skipping the middle version number.