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Where Are My Past Updates?

WordPress by default does not track when updates have happened. WP Client Reports adds the functionality to do that, but that means that it cannot report on updates that happened before the plugin was installed.

How does Form View Tracking Work?

Some users are initially confused when installing the plugin that their Form Views are zero. This is because form plugins often track form views in a simplistic manner. They simply store a single number of views that each form has had. This means that it isn’t possible to know when those views happened.

In our reports we like to know when things happened, at least by the day. As soon as you install the plugin it begins tracking form views asynchronously by day and by form in a new table. This allows us to accurately calculate views and conversions and track them over time in your reports.

My Automatic Reports are Not Being Sent on Time

Please read more about WordPress related scheduling issues and how to fix them at this support article: Automatic Sending Scheduling Issues.