WP Client Reports

Deliver professional client website maintenance reports


Show your clients that their site is safe and well protected with the Wordfence plugin. This extension allows you to display the type of attacks that have been blocked on your client’s website over the chosen period of time.

According to the Wordfence website:

A Complex attack is when a visitor makes a request to your site that is specifically crafted to exploit your site or find a vulnerability they can later exploit. Firewall rules block these types of attacks.

Brute Force attacks are username/password login guessing attempts. These attacks intend to log in to your WordPress admin.

Blocklist blocks are the number of times an IP has been preemptively blocked from accessing your site altogether. The premium Wordfence “Real-Time IP Blocklist” feature monitors the behavior of IP addresses across Wordfence installations on the web and immediately refuses access to IP addresses that are currently engaged in malicious behavior. (This stat is only displayed if you are a premium Wordfence user)

Once both plugins are installed and activated no additional integration is necessary for reports to start working.