Family Blog

A Cute WordPress Theme for your Family

Family Member Bios

Once you installed WP Family Blog and log into WordPress, you’ll notice a new item in the WordPress sidebar “Family Members”. This allows you to create bios for each of your family members. These are used in three ways:

  1. Circular photos are on the header of each page representing each member of your family.
  2. Smaller circular photos can be added to a post representing which family members were “involved” in that post. It doesn’t have to mean they wrote the post, but merely that it is about them. Multiple family members can be on a post, but none are required.
  3. The family member’s bio can have a photo as well as a bio/description about them. This would be a great place to add a photo gallery of them, quotes from them, or defining moments. The bio can optionally have a “View Posts” button to view all posts they have been “involved” in. You may also add their social media accounts to have icon link show up on the bottom of their bio.

Adding a new family member is as simple as:

  1. Go to Family Members > Add New
  2. Fill in their name (whatever you are comfortable sharing on the internet) and description.
  3. Add a “Featured Image” by clicking on “Set Featured Image” in the bottom right corner of the edit screen.
  4. A gallery can be added, click on the “Add Media” button above the editor, and then choose “Create Gallery” on the left hand side.
  5. Fill in their first name, family role, and birthday. The birthday is used to determine their age. You do not have to fill the family role or birthday unless you want them to show up in their profile.
  6. Click Publish!

Be creative and have fun with them. Let us know if you have ideas on how else we can improve the Family Member Bios!