Simple Estimating Software

If you are a project manager or someone who works on projects with large teams, then trying to estimate projects can be really hard. Guessing how long each task will take is nearly impossible yourself, and wrangling your team to all provide estimates for their work can be a daunting feat as well.

This is where estimating software can be helpful. There are online tools built around this need that help you to manage the complexity of the estimating process. The software we are going to cover today that does such a task is called Simple Estimate.

A Collaborative Estimating Tool

Simple Estimate is a tool that allows you to have each member of your team have an account so that they can contribute to the estimating process. We will often start an estimate, input the high level phases that a project will go through, and as much of the tasks that need to be done that we know of, and then encourage our team to log in and add detail from their perspective.

The system saves each of the roles and rates that are involved in the project, so that you don’t have to type them in over and over again. You can just select from a dropdown of the available team roles, and it automatically fills in their current rate.

Estimate Tasks in Ranges

Simple Estimate also allows you to estimate your hours in ranges if you want. You can choose whether you want to add a range of “Low” to “High” for the hours that might be involved for each task, or you can choose to add three data points: a “Low”, “Most Likely” and “High” number. This helps to make your estimate more accurate and give you an idea of how much variation there is in your estimated hours.

Share Your Estimates With Your Team

Once you have your estimate created you can share it with your team in a variety of different ways. You can export it as a PDF, as an Excel spreadsheet , or use the online web sharing functionality that gives you a link that can be shared with your team to an uneditable version of the estimate.

We have used Simple Estimate effectively for many projects and find it to be a good, helpful tool for budgeting and project planning.