We create great
websites with WordPress

SwitchWP helps you build better websites. Sites that are useable to you and your viewers. We make them from scratch or elevate existing ones to new heights.

We have all your WordPress needs covered. Here’s how we can help.

Our Skills

Project Management

From the initial consultation where we ascertain goals to the indepth strategy, design and implementation stages, we work collaboratively with our clients facilitating all aspects of a project.

Design Process

Building beautiful and functional web pages takes clarity, creativity and skill within the realms of graphics and programming. Our clients appreciate our elegant, simple solutions, which are easy to understand, easy to use and look great.

Content Strategy

Understanding the kinds of information you have to share is the most important part of determining how to build the site you need. We will create a structure that’s logical and functional for your site’s visitors and also easy to input for the team that has to manage it.

Customer Support

We are there even after your site is built. There is documentation, staff training and support all delivered by the same people building websites. It’s an unconventional model that works for us and our customers.

Hosting WordPress

Optimized web servers configured specifically to host WordPress is an area we’ve become specialists in because we believe a full solution includes responsive web pages.

From our clients

My website is a thing of beauty. It has received compliments from so many quarters, and it has grown steadily in its hit rate, way beyond my expectations. The site is also smoothy functional, and its functionality is a seamless aspect of its beauty, its fundamental visual appeal, rather than some awkward overlay of buttons and links. It has become a place where visitors like to hang out and explore, and that’s good for business!

Dr. Marc Lewis, Author of Memoirs of an Addicted Brain